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Electric heating systems are an electric heating company founded to supply high-quality, low-cost domestic heating equipment that makes the best use of renewable resources in order to reduce our global warming impact while keeping running costs and installation costs as low as possible.

We aim to supply the most economic systems to provide heating and hot water to a property with low CO2 emissions.

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Our central heating boilers address the growing demand for home heating and hot water solutions and can offer a cost-effective alternative to current oil and LPG boiler installations.

Stylish Design And Flexible Siting

Our sleek design of the central heating boiler will look good anywhere. As there is no need for a flue, you can put it on show or in a cupboard in the middle of a house. It’s easy to operate, with a modern touch screen panel and is so quiet you wouldn’t know it’s on.

Renewable Source Technology

Electric boilers can be run from renewable resources such as wind generated, tidal and solar power which means you can run your boiler completely free of CO2 emissions. A perfect way to help the environment we live in.

Quiet and Efficient

Our Electric boilers are 99.8% efficient, meaning nearly all of the electricity you use goes into making hot water.

Re-Use Existing Radiators

When you convert to electric there is no need to replace existing pipework or radiators.

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Electric Boiler and Hot Water Cylinder Packages

Choose the EHS Primus 6kw or 8 Kw boiler complete with a choice of 125 and 150l pre-plumbed unvented cylinders or 90 to 300-litre unvented cylinders, all in one convenient package deal, making the perfect choice for anyone looking for a complete system upgrade.

As one of the best boiler brands, we aim to supply the most economic systems to provide heating and hot water to a property with low CO2 emissions.

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EHS Range Of Electric Boilers

Electric Combi and System Boilers

EHS electric combi boilers are designed as a direct replacement for a small gas combi boiler central heating system. EHS electric system boilers coupled to an unvented cylinder can replace a large combi boiler. They are the ideal electric heating options for wet central heating or underfloor heating systems.

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Converting from natural gas, lpg or oil, to an electric boiler does not require any change in pipework or radiators but, if you have an old system, you will benefit greatly by upgrading the efficiency of the radiators, fitting a smart home thermostat and fitting thermostatically controlled radia tor valves (TRV’s).

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Green Electric Energy is the Future

The UK will be aiming to generate emission-free electricity by 2050 with a trajectory that will see us have overwhelmingly decarbonised power by the 2030s. Low carbon electricity will be a key enabler of our transition to a net-zero economy, with demand expected to double due to transport and low carbon heat

Delivering ambitious electricity commitments through our world-beating commitment to deliver 40GW of offshore wind by 2030, including 1GW of floating wind, enough to power every home in the country

Moving away from fossil fuel boilers, helping to make people’s homes warmer, whilst keeping bills low. By the mid-2030s, we expect all newly installed heating systems to be low carbon or to be appliances that we are confident can be converted to a clean fuel supply.

Clivet Air Source Heat Pumps

Clivet Elfo-Energy Edge Evo ASHP Range

Clivet’s latest range of domestic air source heat pumps, the Elfo-Energy Edge Evo models, go from the single fan 5kW Edge Evo 21 up to the 16kW twin fan Edge Evo 81. 

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Choose peace of mind with an Electric Boiler from EHS.

Electric boilers do not have any other moving parts, which make them easy to service and repair. There is no mandatory service requirement for electric boilers as, unlike conventional gas boilers, there is no danger of carbon monoxide or gas leaks. We do, however recommend that the boiler is serviced at regular intervals, and this should be at a far lower cost when compared to a normal gas boiler service.

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EHS Indirect Cylinders

1 or 2 Zone Pre-Plumbed Cylinders

The EHS pre-plumbed indirect hot water storage cylinders feature an internal coil and are designed for use with our electric system boiler as the primary heat source (either sealed system or open vented).

Mixergy Smart Hot Water Tanks

The Intelligent Way To Heat Your Hot Water

Mixergy are market leaders in smart and connected hot water tank innovation. Our tanks enable households to live better, save money, and reduce their impact on the environment.

The intelligent way to heat your hot water.

Our award winning tank (Housebuilder Product of the Year 2021) gives you all the hot water you need, when you need it, working more efficiently than conventional tanks to reduce your energy consumption and save you money on your bills.

Why Change To Electric Heating?

Electricity is now the most carbon free energy source you can generate or buy. In 2020 renewable resources made up 43% of the total UK electricity supply and overtook fossil fuels as the major source of supply for the first time.

The UK Government Energy White Paper in 2020 committed to 40GW of wind generated electricity around the UK by the year 2030. That’s a 4-fold increase on current levels and enough electricity to power every household in the UK.

According to 2020 research by the Climate Change Committee, gas and oil boilers currently make up more than 90% of the UK’s home heating stock and are the top CO2 contributor per household.

We can all do our bit to help reduce global warming by changing to a renewable electric supply and not burning fossil fuels.
If you combine electric home heating with a 100% renewable electricity tariff, you know that your heating will be carbon-free.

Sunamp Thermal Storage Battery

Thermino Range from Sunamp at EHS

The Thermino range works with both electric boilers and indirect heated vented and unvented hot water cylinders. 

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