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Mixergy Smart Hot Water Tanks

Enhance your lifestyle, reduce expenses, and contribute to a greener world with Mixergy’s innovative hot water tanks. As market leaders in this field, we empower households to live better, save money, and decrease their environmental impact.

Our intelligent solution to heating water, the award-winning tank (awarded Housebuilder Product of the Year 2021), supplies ample hot water as needed, operates more economically than conventional tanks, and reduces energy consumption, resulting in lower bills. You’ll be thrilled with it!

EHS New System Boiler Schematic

Mixergy X EHS System Boiler

EHS Electric System Boilers are an ideal match for Mixergy’s smart hot water tanks, expertly engineered to eliminate external plumbing. They offer the perfect solution for wet central heating or underfloor heating, with single-phase models in 6kW, 8kW, 12kW and 14kW outputs and three-phase options of 18kW, 21kW, and 24kW for more significant properties.

The EHS electric combi boiler provides heating and hot water, single-phase models that are fully controllable and housed in a stylish enclosure. The boiler’s internal plumbing follows an “S” Plan design, with a 5-litre pre-plumbed Expansion Vessel for the heating circuit.

The intelligent way to heat your hot water

The Award Winning Mixergy Tank

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Mixergy Always in control

Always in control with Mixergy

Mixergy gives you complete control of your tank at all times, no matter where you are in the world. You can choose to closely monitor your ‘state of charge, set schedules, enhance hot water, track consumption and more.

The tank’s controller is equipped with a user-friendly gauge, allowing you to manage, control, and boost hot water without a connection to the internet. The Mixergy app offers even more intelligent remote control options.

Whats the right hot water tank for your property?

To accommodate the individual needs of your home, Mixergy tanks are available in a range of sizes and configurations. Whether you need a vented or unvented system and whether you use a gas or oil boiler, electric immersion heater, heat pump, solar PV or solar thermal as a heat source, Mixergy has got you covered. It is imperative to select the correct tank size to meet the demands of your household. Mixergy tanks have been shown to deliver up to 30% more usable hot water compared to conventional cylinders, allowing you to opt for a smaller tank with no loss in performance. The illustration below will guide you in choosing the right tank size, from 120 to 300 litres.

Mixergy what size tank

In addition to their standard options, Mixergy offers slimline tanks designed to fit into smaller spaces where access may be limited. These tanks have a lower height-to-width ratio and are ideal for narrow loft hatches, stairways, or tight airing cupboards. The slimline tanks are available in a capacity range of 120 to 210 litres and feature a diameter of around 480mm, which is more compact than the standard diameter of 580mm.