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EHS Electric System Boilers

The EHS electric boiler range will supply your domestic hot water and heating needs without the installation expense of a heat pump or the need to change your radiators. Change from traditional gas boilers to carbon-free electric heating the easy way.

Our electric system boilers are the ideal heating solution for larger homes with a wet central heating system.

They will also provide large amounts of mains pressure hot water when coupled with an unvented indirect cylinder. If you are on a variable electric tariff with a low night-time rate, this will also allow you to heat all of your hot water when electricity is much cheaper.

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Benefits of an EHS Electric Boiler?

Easy to install

Almost 100% efficient

No flue required

Compatible with solar

No risk of gas leak

Minimal Repairs

Electric System Boilers Schematic

EHS New System Boiler Schematic

EHS Electric System Boilers are designed to eliminate unnecessary external plumbing and pipework. They are the ideal choice for wet central heating or underfloor heating systems.

Our single-phase Electric System Boilers are fully controllable and are available with outputs of 6kW, 8kW, 10kW, 12kW and 14kW. Our 3 Phase range is available with 18kW, 20kW and 24kW for properties that require larger outputs.

For small properties that are limited on space for a cylinder, then the answer may be an EHS Electric System Boiler, which offers the comfort and convenience of wet central heating and direct hot water. The electric System Boiler is a fully controllable unit housed in an elegant enclosure and is available in 6kW, 8kW, 10kW, 12kW and 14kW single-phase versions.

The boiler’s internal plumbing is configured to an ‘S’ Plan design and includes a 5-litre pre-plumbed Expansion Vessel for the heating circuit.

If you’re not sure what to choose, please contact us call our sales line, where we will be happy to help.

Our Full Range Of System Boilers

EHS Full Range Of System Boilers

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EHS Electric System Boiler Benefits

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Repairs and Servicing

Apart from the pump for the central heating, electric boilers do not have any other moving parts, which makes them easy to service and repair. There is no mandatory service requirement for electric combi boilers as, unlike a conventional gas combi boiler, there is no danger of carbon monoxide or gas leaks. We do, however, recommend that the boiler is serviced at regular intervals, and please note that it is mandatory for an unvented cylinder to be inspected on a yearly basis.

Spare parts are available to order from EHS on a next-day delivery service.

How green are electric boilers?

If you are on an electricity tariff that buys only from renewable sources, you can rest assured you are utilising the most CO2 emission-free fuel for your heating that is available.

The greenest electricity is produced at night when demand is low, and wind turbines are still turning, so if you can make use of this electricity by heating all your hot water at night in a cylinder store, then you will be making use of the greenest electricity and balancing the grid by removing demand from busy evening times.

Are Electric boilers efficient?

Electric boilers are 99% efficient. This means that they turn 1kw of electricity into almost 1kw of heat for your home.

The best gas boilers are quoting 92~94% efficiency when running in condensing mode, but in reality, the true efficiency is nearer 80% due to 99% of boilers being set up by the installers outside of the condensing mode (between 75 and 80 degrees C flow temperature). A 12-month study undertaken by the Energy Saving Trust of boilers in UK households found that A-rated condensing combi boilers were, on average, 83% efficient and heat-only boilers 80.3% efficient. The report concluded that “the in situ performance of the boiler is significantly less than the rated SEDBUK seasonal efficiency”.

Are electric boilers more expensive to run?

There are many benefits of an electric boiler that in the long term can make the electric boiler less expensive than gas or even an air source heat pump. However, the price of electricity is currently 3 times that of gas supply, so you would expect your monthly bills to rise when compared to gas.

If, however, you combine a system boiler with an unvented cylinder on a low night-time tariff, then you can heat all your hot water needs at night for as low as 5.4p per kWh

Electric system boilers are easy to install, are safe from obnoxious fumes and do not require mandatory gas checks, do not need a flue installed, can be installed anywhere in the home, and because there are very few moving parts, there is very little to go wrong.