Boiler Packages

At Electric Heating Systems Ltd, we are continually developing individual products and packages to ensure that the hot water and central heating system we offer not only fits the needs of the customer but also provides the installer with quality products that are easy to fit and purchase.

The quality of the products from EHS is second to none and our premium range Primus Electric boilers come with a five year guarantee, are easy to install and simple to use. Our cylinders are manufactured in the UK and come with a lifetime warranty. For those on variable electricity tariffs (economy 7, Octopus Go etc) there is a cost-saving to be gained by heating your Hot water at times when the electricity is cheap.

Utilising a two-channel thermostatic controller, you can program the boiler to heat the water at these times, ensuring you make the most of the cheaper energy. (This can be lower than the price of gas )

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