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Electric Heating Systems offer solutions to support developers aiming to design carbon-neutral home heating, utilising various energy-efficient products. Our years of knowledge and experience in the heating industry mean we always deliver the right solutions for our customers.

5 year warranty *

Choose peace of mind with an electric boiler from EHS.

Electric boilers do not have any other moving parts, which makes them easy to service and repair. There is no mandatory service requirement for electric boilers as, unlike conventional gas boilers, there is no danger of carbon monoxide or gas leaks. We do, however, recommend that the boiler is serviced at regular intervals, and this should be at a far lower cost when compared to a normal gas boiler service.

* Subject to T&C’s

EHS Property Specifiers Design

Getting Ahead Of The Game

From your initial enquiry, we will build and develop a solution that fits your requirements, ensuring the customer ends up with the most suitable, best value and efficient heating system.

Our design team can support and advise Specifiers, Architects, Housebuilders and Heating Contractors as required. Once all the required information has been received, they will provide calculations on the various options available so that you can make informed decisions to complete your project. All designs will be bespoke, and we will specify products along with costings, dimensions, and warranty information.

There is a fee for our service, and this is to be credited against the order once the project commences, and the order is placed.

Projects 1-5 properties £150 plus VAT

Project 5 properties or more £250 plus VAT

To complete a fully comprehensive design we require the following information,

* Details of any special requirements

* Scale Drawings (1:50 / 1:100)

* Details of the type of Scheme (domestic / commercial)

* Required Construction U values

* Design Temperatures

EHS Property Specifiers Design Page

EHS (Electric Heating Systems) supply both hot water and heating solutions to the marketplace, we have a portfolio which will accommodate all heating and hot water requirements.

Our aim is to supply and support our customers in searching to deliver greener energy solutions for both heating and hot water projects. EHS offers electric combi oilers, solar PV packages, pre-plumbed cylinders, and electric system boilers and shortly be adding heating/cooling systems to our range.

Our marketplace consists of the following,

  • Modular Homes
  • Portable offices
  • Holiday homes, lodges, and luxury caravan homes
  • Off-grid properties with no mains gas access
  • Social Housing, apartments, and self-build properties
  • Replacement for properties using LPG or Oil-fired heating systems
  • Property design looking to incorporate Solar PV systems