Mixergy Unvented 150L Indirect Cylinder – Bundle Option

Mixergy are market leaders in smart and connected hot water tank innovation. Our tanks enable
households to live better, save money, and reduce their impact on the environment.
The intelligent way to heat your hot water.
Our award winning tank (Housebuilder Product of the Year 2021) gives you all the hot water you
need, when you need it, working more efficiently than conventional tanks to reduce your energy
consumption and save you money on your bills.

£795.00 Ex VAT


Mixergy tanks come in a range of sizes and configurations so that they can be tailored to suit the
individual needs of your home.
Mixergy tanks are available as both vented and unvented systems, and they work with a range of
heat sources (gas or oil boiler, electric immersion heater, heat pump, solar PV or solar thermal.

Mixergy tanks are also available as a slimline option which have a smaller footprint to height ratio.
This might be important where you need to get the tank through a narrow loft hatch or stairway, or
fit in a tight airing cupboard.
The slimline tanks are available with a capacity of 120 litres to 210 litres and have a diameter of
around 480mm compared with the standard diameter of around 580mm.